Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why does the woman at that age like Mitsukoshi?

Conviction [shitawayo] and my indecision is inheritance [dawayo].

It contacted mother [boutte] about three days ago because there was an event at the hotel in [iyaa;sa] and today's Tokyo.

[De] and the day「[N]?Do you stop it because it is unpleasant when becoming Heat Disorder?」[Tte] answer.
Night of the day「It is hot even in case of after all, being where. It has thought for a moment. 」In the [tte] E-mail, the next day. 「What shall we do? Let's stop it because it is after all troublesome. 」Mail came, and, after all, two [tensanten] [shite] met "After all, let's went" today [ttenatte] and yesterday evening.

Therefore, it looks for the restaurant where lunch is done in the middle of the night yesterday.
If encounter , is not a restaurant of pleasant of atmosphere, it is painful that is sulky.
‥ to [gaaru] [cchu] of time that here is scheduled to go out of the house, too when [de] and the following go and it without any mistake schedules and [-] [noko] ..retreat.. [-] afterwards is put up.

The time of the restaurant therefore is changed, the time that goes out is delayed, and & is ..indecision ..well.... selfish.

It is "Well, it is not because of being your mother" and [pie;] [runi] word when saying.
・・It is not possible to object and it consents.

The restaurant however and the event were ..coming [ya;].. good because it was ..[kya].. pleased.
However, the skirt (The thigh associates the ham and the pants appearance is abandoned) and no shoes and no mother who doesn't become accustomed selfishly turn over and it comes.

The [maa;demo] little bit shall not be dutiful to one's parents ‥ [Fuu;]?

[N]?After all, is the hotel atmosphere good?

[Fuffuu;] after a long time ..going out... ♪

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