Sunday, August 28, 2011

Expression of one's love to which Pieta is distorted, too?

Though it encounters and it forgot to write on , aspect aspect last day
The plastic bag of the convenience store is held in the cage in room next to mine and seeing whiffing thinking [-] ..quiet.. is [naino] ! lost of the half.
Complete also.
Where on earth did you bring it ‥ Perhaps, it is in the bag.
It seemed to open the zipper by the mouth and to have taken it out.

But..appetite..energetic..worry about..veterinary out..wait..appearance..see.

It confirms from [murimuriyatta] by the moonlight stroll and [taraattanoyo] !.
Was ..encounter.. , good because it had gone out though did not think everything still perhaps?。
[Fuu;]?It felt relieved for a moment.
[Muu;]?I will already have seen the appearance for a moment.

[Marinosuke] of the character of Marinos hears ..the radio physical exercise and [rutte].., and [fu] . where it went to [marinosuke] to meet at along Sunday ..aspect of ..encounter.. ,.. morning with dogs in the morning 6:30.
It encountered and , animation was improved to [choro] and YouTube.

[Marinosuke] and the radio gymnastics are here ↓.

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