Thursday, August 25, 2011

It doesn't catch a cold.

[Uu;]?Slight headache [ga] ‥

Surely ..[moshiya] ,.. [ppikika] of ..drinking.. cold !?
Or, intoxication [ka] ? on the second.

It goes to Shibuya and [chikuttona] in the sushi after a long time shop yesterday.
When eating at home by the fight with me for a long time in ..unpleasantness.. recent on the weekday, sake is not drunk.

Is it reactionary in [de] and the evening ..that..?
It enters the sushi shop and the white wine comes to want to drink even if it retreats and [-] is done and the usual Kikusui at once though it cools and it asked for [wo] ‥ Asking and queuing up by two are [tta], and [kupu].
Because [datte] ‥.

After all, it is [yugamundayona] somewhere. not good the [iyaa;] [yappari] endurance
The mind is incidentally distorted, too and it by poisoning and vomiting ‥ [Aa;]?[Nonnon].

‥ After all, it is cold or, [].
Remembering is another one.

Voice [ga] that passage [depie;] [runo] makes noise when returning, stepping into a bath, and going out ‥

After all, I put its hair back in order by one towel with getting wet.
It is [-] ..along.., and I catch a cold at once if I do not dry it.

Dogs turn behind me and are [kunkunshiterushi] around of hips ‥ Complete also :.

[Aa;]?In not catching a cold, it is [panpan].
[-] ..[-] yell it.. [-] yell it ..yell it..

It is circle that fell asleep on the weekend or [uo;] [].

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