Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It is done that it is new.

After all ‥,
I will go to a new hair salon.

Recently..go..shorten..monsieur..kitchen range..pile..because..crack..for a moment..this time..change.
It reserved it at 2:30.

Tentatively, I think that I neatly say "Please ..lovely feeling.. make [otona] nowadays" this time ‥ though the hairstyle hope of such feeling was printed out.
The comparison face is [umu] that might be good like the said thing at the Showa era.

Incidently ‥,
It is unusual and the surgical knife dog Pieta tail [fu] [ttetanaa;] this morning.

Male dog [piezouha] compared with it.
Though it ..saying.. ..[-] [tsumoshippopunpun].. shakes.
Because I am the same as the Pieta and poker face
The expression is face and ..expressive.. [naranaitona] .. learn going out [rupiezou]

The woman is a charm and, after all, it sleeps.

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