Sunday, August 7, 2011

The mind energetically

It is [kaa;] on Monday today.

I did not take moisture at all so often though two was shampooed as it is at a dash after it strolled with dogs by about one hour of the other day by the idea only of making dogs drink water.

Symptom [mitakunatte] of Heat Disorder was surprised because it was gradually tired out.
The drink for me is brought, and this time is [ikanai] and [yabaikamo] to the stroll with hesitancy.

With [soremoatteka] physical condition [ga] this [hitotsu] ‥ Taking a nap without especially doing something on the weekend ‥ Finishing.

[Uu;]?Want to go some place and ‥ It is hot and taking a rest : even if it goes to where.
[Fuu;] ..not going anywhere... trow well and selfishly

What is it?, physical condition [ganaa;] recently ‥ [Kuu;]?‥ The mind is rule [surutteiushine] as for the body.
You should also become obedient also all your mind.

It encountered and , aspect aspect improved to YouTube after a long time ‥ Dogs' bathing scenes are here ↓ v=Tx4WmwJvmQ0

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