Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Garlic injection

It has gone to the hospital today though it is only a hospital story.

Teacher:" "Though age of [i] of you ..going out of [bu].. must be ..weak pulse such as you and grandmas.. ..mental.. more energetic

Even if it ..[tte].. is said.

Teacher:"What wanting you do now?"
I:"It wants to hold [bo] [] and the knee without doing anything and to sleep" the teacher: "It is. "

It changed into the Chinese medicine that vigour goes out, blood was caught by the blood test again, and garlic was injected with.
It smells, and it smells from the nose.
The vitamin preparation seems to have said or to smell.

[Aa;] ‥ [Uu;] ‥

It was ..teacher.. energetic.
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