Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I want to go to the batting center.

It of WBC.. makes fun ..seeing.. and I want to go to , batting center. I want to brandish the bat.

However, it is not to be near. Though it was in Shibuya in old times ‥

Shoes of the person who made arrangements together at the batting center in the Shibuya and did were borrowed and stricken.
At that time, such a round face put on high-heeled shoes (Moreover, heel the pin). It borrowed shoes from the scare ..breaking of the heel...

Be however far for a moment and whether there is still Shinjuku ‥ Spottily.

Whether the bat is shaken in the park is embarrassed for a moment.

[N]?Is if it is a bat, it cool [ka]?Spottily ‥ each other , bat is a parents' family, and spottily ‥

It is likely to get tired soon surely, and spottily ‥ even if you buy the sponge bat for children in the [katoitte] do-it-yourself store

Spottily ‥

Of age [nanoyo] ! that says spottily

Spottily spottily ‥
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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