Monday, April 6, 2009

It is a loved season.

[Uu;]?It is [sunoo;] because of spring. peel ・・
It is [agetetarasaa;] in the plants in the veranda this morning as for water.
The tulip that plants the bulb is surprised [te] because the flower blooms before one is aware.
The sprout with tiny olive went out ‥.

It is going out [naikarana] quite ? in the veranda on the weekday.
Let's wait in the veranda at the end of this week.

Degrees how many did after that when ..terrible.. praising and rolling it up by way of experiment after the rect- the rest room of , aspect aspect male dog [piezou] ..the encounter...

Is because previous protrudes beyond the rest room after the rest room of [piezou], "[Aa;]" [n] that had the face?It is [a;] ..whether saw.. as for it.

[Piezou] seems to read the expression of the face ‥.
The tail is shaken when [piezou] is seen as I laugh and when it has the [panpan] face to which it was angry to shake it on the way, the tail is not shaken.
[Utopanpan] is shaken ..[de].. laughingly.
It is interesting ‥.
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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