Friday, April 3, 2009

Recently, the stores nearby closes the store.

It ..return after a long time.. went to various shops [iyaa;] and yesterday.

It is also bad to say free and though it went to the experience esthetics of the example ‥ It has asked for another course by the addition.

It went to the shop of the Okinawa dish after [de] and esthetics in about two years.
It did not have the uncle who considerably on the weekday only a couple of [dakedo] of guest [san;ita] and always existed on the floor ahead either.

[N]? a moment..change.
"The plate is hot and take care, please" makes the sound from the kitchen in [rofute-] [tayo] by "[Chin]" and cools the center of meat and is [te] when it eats ‥. Though it was delicious ahead ‥ It is regrettable for a moment.

It changes depending on the person ‥.
The guest must not feel it sensitively either ‥ It is scary and scary.

And, it is [chiku] and one cup in bar "BROWN JUG" afterwards.
It is comfortable as usual and it here also the habitue ‥.

piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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