Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Chin Ma-po Dou-fu"

It returned ahead of time yesterday.
. when cutting work is good ..doing... will rest the body and the mind for a moment
It became energetic for a moment when wandering about on one's return.
Feelings change at the drop of a hat.

It wanders about by [nashiro] Ishii and the retort of Ma-po Dou-fu of the shop cod "[**] Ma-po Dou-fu" to which it occasionally goes is discovery [shitanoyo] ! so often.
Ma-po Dou-fu here comes to want to eat periodically though it is terrible and it is painful ‥.

It uses by one time and is profitable though costs about 500 yen the retort and with four bags compared with cut [kukkudou;-].
[N]?It grew old and it swore it.
It is recommended in the person who likes painful the one.

So often though it talks and it changes ‥ It lives at about 6:30 this morning.
Did not ..[-n].. missile drop the retreat?It was surprised because [nosuggoi] [oto] did by the desire of [tte].
From [iyaa;] morning [ppara] Male dog [piezoumowa] [wa] barks and it though it seems to have been apparently a thunder ‥ to the surprise.

"Chin Ma-po Dou-fu" is here ↓
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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