Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Target after two months

N~ he golf mania puts out the commotion when becoming this time of every year ‥.

Because it also participates in the golf competition of the dealer sponsoring of the car, it guesses.
It is possible to aim, and world rally []. [Dodo] [n].
[Fu] -

[N]?Though this desire only has to continue for a long time ‥ [Nee;] quite?
The competition is ..end.. ..meeting.. [a;] that becomes [rutomatayuruyuru] golf. [Ina] [ji] and [kuu;]. weakness。

Moreover, the people who put out the other day hole-in-one will also participate this time.
[Iyaa;] they are [monnaa;] ..seeming really go to the world rally...

It is [kaa;] for about two months ‥ MuuMumuu
Training [suruka] something.

Target [motanaito] something
Instant every day.
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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