Wednesday, June 10, 2009

iraira iraiza

It is going to work and [suu;] today.

I'm sorry for [oo;] you that plants in desk circumference are lonesome when coming to company

[N]?However, ‥ Work [cchu] becomes irritation Eliza ‥.

Just in the irritation period recently
Moreover, it feels it more so because it stayed indoors.
Girls are a variety of [arunoyo] !. [Fu] -

Aspect of ..encounter.. , aspect recentness
It is along according to the Meiji era from Shibuya station to the company.
Changing places of the shop is intense, and though there are a lot of becoming empty, too.

..saying.. shop seems to have queued up fully "Beach [chan]" of the shop like the stall that had opened yesterday.

[N]?The draft beer seeming is 100 yen until the 14th.
It is not likely to crowd for a while.
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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