Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recently, there is no liked food.

In the program of the downtown the other day
The commodity of recommended [yasushihira] Otomo was introduced.

Cabbage..put..one..supermarket..life..say..brand name..forget..TV station..call.

The said brand name ..[de] and "[Tare] of ..finishing.. attached the salt cabbage".. was understood, and it went to the life near the company for purchase.
It ..life [nooni] [chan].. was said seeming do not catch up by the production of the manufacturer what it was.

[N]?‥ Such a program multi [ishi] boob tube's influence is terrible recently ‥.

It is interesting ..television program [ttenaiyona].. recent.
, ..encounter.. ..talk.. [kuri] 007 : though foolish of that is good. 。

The impression that is , [souda] [tabe] ..encounter.. :.
Well is [**] or the cabbage munched?
However, the perfume of the next day garlic remains for a moment, and [kanaa;] if eating about once a week ‥ The blood pressure seems to rise if it uses it every day ‥.

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