Sunday, July 12, 2009

It does, it learns by experience, and it escapes.

[Shikori] of male dog [piezou] said yesterday was anxious, and taken to the hospital a little while ago.

Because indeed two cannot take it
It is [piezou] and going out . in the chance because sweets are passed to the surgical knife dog Pieta and it filled one's mouth happily.

It does in [de] and the hospital and when the injection syringe is piercingly and is pulled out, a yellow limpid liquid and blood : to learning by experience ‥ It seems not to be bad as a result of examining it.
However, [fuu;] that doesn't understand the cause, and saw the appearance for a moment ‥.

When it returns to one's own dwelling and it gets off the elevator
Why isn't there Pieta running with [ttatta] alone when the cry of the Pieta has already been heard, and the door is opened?

What?Why do?
When you see the cage with the door locked.

[Mumuu;]?Apparently, jump [dashitarashii] . from on
..possession.. ?‥

It breathes, it attaches in one's feet now, and complete ..sleep.. also :. ‥ [Fuu;].

piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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