Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time importantly

It began to jump again when coming back though it put in the cage of the surgical knife dog Pieta ‥ though it went strolling about male dog [piezou] this morning.

[Fuu;]?It embarrassed ‥.
Disregard..at a time..stroll..serious.Let's think.

[Iyaa;] so often?It is three consecutive holidays.
..spending.. [sanaitonaa;]. significant
I want to do variously.

It wants to wait for the natural oyster in the terrace seat and to eat.
It wants to eat the napolitain in the [za] cafe of Hotel New Grand of the napolitain cradle, and I want to go to the cartoon having tea that waits with [ru] and swims that wants to hold the knee.

However, food ‥ :.
The other day..Coop..cope..ingredient..fully..buy..refrigerator..put the feedbag on..too good.

Three consecutive holidays and the weather seem to be good.
"Let's importantly easily spend time on me. "

piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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