Monday, August 10, 2009

I want to challenge the registration of design some time again.

It thought about getting cold one's feet that had been written yesterday from that.

Saying that the comforter is kicked away while it is sleeping only has to make the pair of trousers with the comforter. [Tte] flashing [tanoyo] !
Though it was thought that this was good momentarily
The nature that seems to be taken off before one is aware is surely done ‥.

The zipper was opened before one is aware and it slept ahead on a cold day of winter though it slept as zipper [wobishi] [] of the sleeping-bag ‥.

Sleep ..putting the foot in that.. [ruka]. put [nowo] like a completed kennel in a soft material in one's feet
Though it thought of [ttomo] ‥
It seems surely to kick this away the obstruct.

[De] and result of examination
The board is added and has been raised again on the board of MDF leant against one's feet.

[N]?Variously comparatively ..the idea..
Have you resulted interest..?
Moreover, though it was thought that the registration of design was able to be applied for ‥ Well, let's think also about this.

It is thought that it is not so cold in [de] and the evening ‥ Let's see the appearance for the time being in this.
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