Sunday, August 9, 2009

It dined out after a long time.

Is it [yuzawaya] going [tamonnee;] on Saturday?[Fufufu] .
Falling ・・. feeling construction of the child during summer vacation came buying wool or clay, felt, and bead

[Maa;maa;i] ?Then, are not you?
Because it is 60 yen a piece or 100 yen, ..loveliness.. [imondawayo].
I think that knit it by me of the belly rolling for the time being.

However ‥,
Though it wrote the other day
Though there are leg warmers or socks when sleeping and it makes it not cold ‥ The leg is chilly even though the air conditioner of the back room.
Though the wind is prevented from driving directly against one's feet in the board of MDF ‥

The temperature of the air conditioner is not raised any further, and is poor of dogs when stopping it.

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