Sunday, August 16, 2009

It was very happy on the weekend.

Belly rolling and finished [desu] ![Pafu] !
It is good though does immediately and slept. 。
The image that encounters and completes , is a page of ↓"Handicraft club" that is here.

Because it is surely Bon Festival yesterday
Though it went to the clinic thinking that it is likely to become empty
It has taken while it is the best crowding than very usual in [te] current ‥.

After it returns
[Pie] [ruga]「Do as it is?[Aa;] as it is ‥」It went to Nautilus room by the experience to put out the [tteikinari] commotion, and to examine the admission in Nautilus room.
It was however interesting. attached the first sweat shirt and used the gymIt swims in the pool afterwards.

It returns, and is does it eat dinner in the terrace seat, and [iyaa;] in dogs' stroll [tsuide]?It was happy ‥ Painful that was the withdrawal life for a long time in recent.

Do with hesitancy?

An after all moderate movement is good.

‥ Is it happy and [naitonaa;]?
piezou+pietà Roomette of love

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