Monday, October 26, 2009

I might be able to strengthen the person very.

It is a happy day and it is a sad day today.
It is early that time passes ‥.

Recently though it thinks especially ‥
Surroundings are not thought by me it and fully becoming full when I have something.
It was not able to be done easily though it thought only at such time in reality.

One after another this year before though there was variously rough time ‥ It is feeling to which I am tried.

Mysterious, past death and unpleasantness. It begin to be ....becoming it.. [omo].. and one after another recalls [ha].
[Aa;]?It is useless. It is piling salt today and !.

[Cchattanaa;] before one is aware the age it is what ‥.

It lives, and the flow changes, and is changed ‥ better than there is ..[rebairoiroaruka].. nothing, too. The following persuade me whether to believe that a good flow comes.

The [rutte] word is hated working hard.

Let's work hard.
piezou+pietà Roomette of love
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