Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sleep three times

[Iyaa;]?Surprise [dawayo] this morning when occurring sleeping three times in ten o'clock.
, 10 AM encounter

When it occurs ahead with hesitancy, six o'clock, and the evening has not understood the morning or the night for a while ‥ [Maa;iikedo].

Incidently, iPod nano
Because the mail that had been sent out the day before yesterday came
Do not it come, and do it reach today though it was thought that it came yesterday?。

[N]?Running shoe ‥
Is it [deikka] of [dakedo] of [gaaru] of [naramaa;maa;] and 3,980 yen for about 10,000 yen?
It only runs for a moment in the gym ‥.

[Muu;]?I will walk for the time being.

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