Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Large wave waiting

Was the [kazurin] calendar able to be done?。
It encounters and , has not improved for the free download page yet either.
It is going out because it is a party today in the afternoon ‥.

It is thought that it goes ahead of that to stroll of dogs and it is regrettable, that cod Yokohama is rainy ‥ It is [gokko] and [mosuruka] biting and biting.

[Iyaa;]?Is it [kaa;] by about three months?Shibuya ‥ It is not likely to have changed.
The shop of along often changes according to the Meiji era, too and it ‥.
Without changing, and being continued
Is it serious [yonee;] though might be natural?・・。

It began to ride on a weeny wave and though it is a little recently ‥ Is does it regret and [yaruko], [yarimasuyo], and my [ya;] in [naiyou]?
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