Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Kazurin calendar 2010"

[Iyaa;]?I think [yabai] slowly.
It finally did and it began to make "[Kazurin] calendar 2010".

[Muu;]?The doodle doesn't change ‥ either.
It is [nacchaundayonaa;] to a color or similar feeling ‥.

For instance, let's do not become round before one is aware feeling though it was thought that the square one was made from the ceramic art.
Let's think it reels and , temporary calendar is completed.
It will print it out tomorrow, and it to be ..sending.. [routto], and the re-falling ・・ in the publisher.

The discernment of ..encounter.. , day is all companies and parties.
It is ‥.
[Uu;]?Though it is my face, and completely ..aunt.. face.

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