Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It went THIS IS IT and to see.

Yesterday ‥
The tension falls thinking that it is necessary to clean it thoroughly by the hand roughness, it rolls up, and it has gone to the movie theater to see Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT in the idea.

The tune : though knew.

However, from surrounding people
「Absolutely, you should see. It sees in the movie theater. 」[Tte] was said.

[Iyaa;]?It has recalled at that time only by a nostalgic tune.
[Umuu;] ‥

And, it cleans and rolling up today.

Do it encounter and did it go to the clinic on , afternoon?
How it has no holiday this clinic to which it goes regularly to hospital!
It is terrible ‥ The teacher.
What is the moved one so much ‥.

Is [sateto] [mei] day a New Year's Eve?
The champagne opened just at 12 customary o'clock every year is not bought.

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