Monday, December 28, 2009

Shabu-shabu all-you-can-eat

Year end party in company of evening
Everyone went from [itteiu] ..wanting fill with meat one's mouth to one's heart's content.. to the shabu-shabu of the careful selection and the pepper-and-salt domestic beef all-you-can-eat.

Am I originally meat?!Because it is not [tte] feeling
It is [naitte] of wanting seeing already in the latter half as for meat though is good because it ate. the main wetly vegetable in the ponzu sauce it
It is complete ..eating by force... say spottily。

From it.
Now, and it became awful and blood went out [zouzou] momentarily occurred this morning going out at the time of this cleaning climax of the hand roughness.
At such [uu;] time ‥
Strong Elastoplast : to water though put.
Water is contained from the space when the hand is washed because it is a place where the joint is bent and ? of a smart mind. ..saying.. .

[Uu;]?Want to exceed the age or as it is ‥ Spottily ‥

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