Wednesday, December 23, 2009

There is a pain on a right shoulder.

[Iyaa;]?‥, and a right shoulder after it does becomes painful and [mopikki] [-] in a little operation is ..possession.. ? to the stroll of dogs yesterday before it sleeps of taking shower cod [zouzou] pain [kunatte]. Sleeping was also serious.
It is possible to paste it well though it puts on compresses. 。

However, did it become suddenly why painful though always and the same thing were done ‥?

Male dog [piezouga] at the stroll.
Dingdong pull [takarakanaa;] from always.

Because it is painful even if it gets up in the morning
In the rest today when thinking going to the heating pad of Shibuya to which it always went ‥ It went to the heating pad in the vicinity looking for on the net.

The guest was regarded and it was good.
Though this is natural
Quotient sales [kearu] a lot considerably.

The place in which the hospital also really regards the patient and it examines it thinks it is few.

Well ‥.
After all, [kedosa] ? who is person

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