Monday, December 21, 2009

Year end party of [suburiba]

It was a year end party of [suburiba] yesterday.
It was all interesting people who changed for a moment and it was happy ‥ Moreover, they are only the people whom were not able to be met when not playing golf.

[Iyaa;]?In the flow of the talk,
[Hahaha] that has done business [kazurin] instinctively.
[Maa;maa;] and the boast dream are wally eczema.

It got drunk, and it made fun ..brandishing the whir.. and about 37 went out though it played with all measurements of the head speed so often.
Do though it did not neatly hit?[Fu] .

[N]?It is a bat or a bamboo sword if it shakes it after all.
Aren't it good to encounter and to brandish the bat in , park ‥ The child must be playing well and even if it is unpleasant ‥. However, the golf club is [yonaa;] not good.

Bat shake [ruka] and caught Japanese syllabary by way of experiment

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