Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The carwash is half the price.

It is Wednesday today.
The carwash of the gas station is [redei;-sudei;], half the price, and [tanoyo] !.
[Iyaa;]?A car was washed after a long time.

It : ahead though a car was always washed for myself ‥.
It asks in the stand recently because there is no carwash in the vicinity.
A car is not inadvertently washed inadvertently after it becomes a roofed parking lot, and stand [nooni] [changa] today though it was going to be only a carwash.
"Being possible [ko] , to come : ‥ The fur is WAX".

It doesn't shed at all even if water is certainly sprinkled, and [beta] [] ‥ Additionally, dogs : to the door.
It asked for WAX with slaver [gadara] [] when putting one's head out of the window and running.

Reach..wash a one's

However, does painting fall so much and is it safe ‥ Is it good because it became [maa;demo] [pikapika] ‥ No, [iinoka] ?.

The part of [de] and [pikapika] where the roof comes off incidentally
Had ..ticktack.. [ni] hardened when having done with the touch pen?。

[Umuu;]?Recently, it talks with [goru] and [tenakattakaranaa;] ‥. I will get on.

It is one a lot and is [indayona] that ..encounter.. road of , in Yokohama however. is not easy to understand..

Let's go to loved Shimachu after a long time ‥ each other If the touch pen is bought earlier than , deflecting and it doesn't paint it.

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