Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It comes to cook when doing very the favor.

Work [kaa;] from today ‥
It went to the office to greet it at the new year today.

It turns it over for a moment because it moved for a long time during the rest.
..saying.. [-] and [korehanama] [choru] [karada] ! with hesitancy
Forge [runoda] !

So often..daytime..Shibuya..eat..recently..for a long time..at home..eat..make fun of..dine out..taste..thick..think.[Nandakanda] ?Eating at home [inee;] [hen] assistant ..delicious.. injured troublesome :.
If it is favorite, the dish is regrettable in this though it might be good ‥.

A favorite dish of ..encounter.. , must
There is no one to tickle the heart at all though the shoe department at the department store was wandered about for a moment on one's return ‥.

[Muu;]?Very shoes will not be able to be worn in one's own style, and ....school.. taking.. [kuttenaruto] and what are aimed to say is it angry and a difficult pubescence?

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