Monday, January 4, 2010

It is mortifying.

It thought of [itte] yesterday ..wanting swing the bat in the "futsufutsu".., and it peaks today and Now the batting center in Yokohama is search [tawayo] of ‥.

However, however ‥

Is it nature [manman] that strikes the home run and going [tanonii;]?
Five at bats only : ‥ It is : by there was no hit that satisfies only about four spheres.

Turning over ・・ ..mortifying.. [ii;].

In the junior high school, [i;] ..the third it... by the firstSpottily ‥
It has instinctively looked for the method of becoming good at batting on the net.
Feeling refreshed and will being to return are "futsufutsu" [dawayo] !.

Well, however ‥
The no use of now aiming at the baseball boy it and selfish trow ‥ Does it return and is the stomach muscles program of [biri-zabu-tokyanpu] done?
Afterwards, is the condition [koite] core rhythm done?
「Now?Is the waist shaken?!」When the waist is shaken to one's heart's content, [piki] ・・ is put on the [tte] word and says and : ‥ It is dangerous and dangerous.

It becomes [maa;ee;yo] and a movement girl.

Incidently, ‥ Is the junior high school or the high school does move every day a morning practice or after school and [tetayonaa;]?
Dropping physical strength [kuu;].
Does the age return in physical strength if it forges regardless ‥?

[Aa;]?Movement and movement

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