Sunday, January 24, 2010


It went for a belt because it was fine on the weekend.
Though it is scheduled to go to Kamakura and went out
To the Yokosuka district in the destination change because it crowded on the way.

Then, do?The tuna in Misaki becomes it.
It wandered about on castle [ke] island running further after all as the parking lot was full when starting entering a popular shop.

[Iyaa;]?The drive is current too [nakattakaranaa;] though it is not golf ‥.

The perfume of the sea and the perfume of the daffodil ‥ It is occasionally good.

However, on a happy weekend ‥
It is Sazae-san with surprising swiftness.

It is a purse, completion of the strawberry, and [suu;] so often.
It improved to the handicraft club. Here ↓

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