Monday, January 25, 2010

Pieta of expression of one's love distorted as usual

[Pponashi] socks at male dog [piezou] [you] destination of knitting the other day ‥ The surgical knife dog Pieta jumps at yesterday's stroll and string [gabyo] [nto] has gone out.

[Buu;]?At all?Any Pieta is destroyed.
It is a mischievous child so why ‥ [Muu;]?Though I will want myself to care by the care after the art of [piezou] surely.

That distorted expression of one's love ‥
It seems to see me true [uu;].

[Biri-zubu-tokyanpu] is done and the cod yesterday.
It enters the center of the leg while it is doing, and [kato] is seen if it trows by eyes cooled for a moment in the distance and is worth assumption as the colon, and jumping at the head and licking lick if lying, and.

It vomits, and however, it is tired out and worth.
..encounter.. , at that time, it seems merely to have been sleepy.
It was completely brandished by the Pieta.
The curettage of ..reeling.. , [ittemokawaee;] guy,。

Does [sateto] , become a Nola cat a little?

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