Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It moves with steady steps.

Actually yesterday ‥ It became perverse because it was lonesome.
In the "futsufutsu" ..it is not possible to read.. ahead
However, irritation and such I who cannot do very must sicken and lonesomely.

It came to want to move [desa] and the body and it went to Nautilus room.
[Suggoisu] alone doesn't come when [gashigashi] moves in the yoga and the pool, and it has become energetic.

..saying.. ?It sleeps, and the movement :.
..[maa;maa;iija].. because it became energetic.

However, aunt [chan] shall not be energetic.
The yoga is a person who swam for a long time without taking a rest in aunt [changa], [ttetashi], and the pool of about 80 years old where the waist bends ‥ It is thought sleep [chanka], and it is a cod, and aunt [chandattashi] how.

[Aa;]?Let's buy DVD of the yoga. [Ufu].
Hey, the core rhythm and Billy are doing recently.
Even Wii Fit : though it is good.
It is [n] though wants to keep working as a yoga position.
It is [n] though the enjoyment is found for myself.

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