Thursday, January 7, 2010

I like handicraft.

[Iyaa;]?After all, the handicraft is happy. ・・

The pink teddy bear that had been made yesterday was improved to the page of "Handicraft club" so often. ↓ Here

In the said translation.
[Fufufuuu;] it wants to go to [yuzawaya], and without material of thing to want to make falling ・・ this time for a moment?Cannot it [yuzawaya] near the house ‥?

Will it be happy if in my atelier, there is a material in [yuzawaya]?
Are the first in [kazurin] atelier pavilion and the second pavilion said and now?
[Aa;] ‥ Do you hope?
Coming [ya;a;]?

It is so.
I loved handicraft from childhood ‥ It is likely not to have become [otona] by what.
Well, though it only has to do now.

The talk changes.
Let's ‥ or E-mail for a moment the cry of a girl who gotten ..[tekite].. in person [tachiga] that the company that worked is nostalgic ahead in the dream of seeing the other day of it.

[Aa;]?What is it ‥?

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