Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I think that the dog only has to be able to speak.

‥ ‥ and [madepu] [pu] always sleeps in the morning.

It occurred abruptly thinking no piddle surely because of the massage that barked several times, it put out from [kure-to], and it went to the rest room together.
[Iyaa;]?It only thought beginning to see from [jojojo] [-] and the rest room.

To put it in afterwards and [kure-to]
Hold depending too much or putting on the bed is ..boiling.. ..[-].. [te] ..bluster by about 15 minutes.. though induced with sweets.
?[Fuu;] ..sleep... enter [tto] [kure-to]。

It is socks for the stroll of [piezou], and impossible [kaa;] that encounters and made , aspect aspect last day if it doesn't stop it with the rubber band after all.
[Umu] assumed to be good because it is feeling that encounters and only has to use rubber band even with ,.

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