Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[-uo;] ..handicraft ‥.. ..love.. []

[Iyaa;]?Handicraft club, steady [dawayo], and falling ・・.
The one as ended from the important person on the day is good.

‥ It thought whether there was something good method by thinking ‥ though it put in the vinyl of the leg getting wet the taping and [nauyou].

! ..it is..Because it struck, and the lower side was however ..having ..putting on one's socks.... dirty on vinyl, [na] to was ahead

Is "[Pponashi] socks ahead" really effective ‥ It will go for a walk in the future.
Is it ..retreat.. [-]?・・
Though it is good because it was happy ..making [maa;damedemo]...

It encountered and "Knit of the strawberry" that had been made the other day of , improved, too.
"Handicraft club" page is here ↓.

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