Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is this an established custom every year surely?

Wife of ..your may being to hear.. , [] for a moment.
..reeling.. ?It is injury [dawayo] of ..departure.. [shu] as for the finger.

Last year ..the about same just..
A part of fingernail is lost being bitten by the surgical knife dog Pieta and it was a guy to whom it takes the complete recovery six months last year of ..encounter.. ,.
↓ of ..encounter.. , is possible to come..

[Iyaa;]?It is thought that soaking by 1000 pieces is made in the radish, and it is a slicer of ..doing.. , and is [yu;sshushusshu] and [ttetanoyo] yesterday.

It ..inside of [yu;tto] and the [ttara] thumb.. ..pain.. [miga].
It is so, and the finger is beautiful and cutting.
..possession.. ?Now, and it cuts in [supa] and thickness 2?3mm and blood doesn't stop ‥.

When the other side of the slicer was seen, skin [gapi] was instinctively joined to the finger because it had stuck a little.
However, it turned over panicking because the flow of the fingerprint was reversely joined and it joined it again when often seeing.

[Fuu;]?..possession.. ?Because it is a right hand, it is inconvenient ‥.

It was just male dog [piezouno] [desa] and yesterday.
There is removing the stitches and it has shown it to the teacher instinctively because it went to the veterinary hospital.
[N]?It blackens because the cell is not connected well even if it joins it with great pains and it seems to peel off ‥ Can the [aa;demomou] peel now ‥.

[Uu;]?The [moo;] egg doesn't crack well either.

Thank you the usual fingers

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