Monday, February 1, 2010

Irritation Eliza sisters

The surgical knife dog Pieta has been bitten to the square cushion as [ira] since the morning today ‥.

[Maa;demo] feelings are the understanding Pietas.
The girl is [umuumu]

[De] and Pieta [wokyu]. [Tto] is embraced closely and the cod.
Now [fuu;] .."I also hold the holding" attack it when the Pieta is lowered... begin the affray [yoko] [dewa] ..mama's baby's male dog [piezou].. [-]
[Yoshitoshiyou] from [maa;kawaee;].

Though it is a finger injured because of soaking food [tto] and 1000 examples ‥ The circumference can be gradually turned over.
It seems to peel off sooner or later with [pero] as the teacher of the veterinary hospital said.
[Iyaa;]?Man's body is terrible.

"[Aa;] [moo;] []" becomes feeling because it does variously in one that is not [sousoudesa] , dominant hand.

The body is washed in no use for instance.
[Nnain] is ..entering.. ..[kurai].. well. such powerIt is loose ‥ Then, let's strengthen the left hand for a moment.

An aspect of ..encounter.. , natural this aspect,
The link page of a favorite shop was made.
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