Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tiny drama ..the enjoyment it..

This [gaa;] [] of me of [ga] and me of [ko] , ‥
It is [tetanoyo] of forgetting writing ! as for the fair hair of irritation Eliza of graffiti that were yesterday.

It is not Eliza to forget Eliza's fair hair.
..retreat.. saying to [-] oh sticks to [nnon] of ・・ ..the desire.. ..tiny...
[Muu;]?Let's add the fair hair and improve today.

Incidently, now.
"Love [nochikara]" of the drama has been broadcast again since the other day.
It inadvertently sees though it saw because it is similar work.
[Maa;soko] puts out the drama though it is likely to think impossible.

And, it is a final episode of "Forest in which it can sleep" today.
[Aa;]?Do I at so recentness enjoy a ..drama [] child.. close Japanese syllabary?
[Datte], and because it is [moyaruko] and [yatterumo] [n].

The surgical knife dog Pieta also bites today to the square cushion in the morning, and is [kowashichattawayo] at last so often as for the fastener.
At all?・・

[N]?Recently, ..satisfactory.. ..[indayona].. surely in the rehabilitation stroll of male dog [piezou].
Boiling, and "I also take and disregard it" makes noise and ..[-].. is rolled up disregarding sweets and the toy when it tries to leave [demopiezou] and to go out with the Pieta ‥.

It is embarrassed that one is not good at the house sitting either ‥.
It is [itakaranaa;] for a long time with the Pieta from weeny time ‥.
There must not be something good method ‥ or
Oh, let's consult sweat shirt indebted ahead.

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