Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It surely will be a cream stew tomorrow.

[N]?Now, and it is thought that the cream stew is made because it is cold and is [o;] [] in the evening how when potato & onion preservation box is seen.
Bud [ga] from potato.
Moreover, [shobo] [n] from which the bud comes out rapidly by not eating ‥.

Feelings are already the cream stews though thought that another one is made.
It went to the supermarket to buy the potato panicking because there was no other way.

[De] and "Forest in which it can sleep" of the final episode ..[batabashichattesaa;].. yesterday somehow It has not seen yet.
Moreover, not go to the clinic in the future today, and do not postpone the [maa;o] enjoyment.

Because it seems to be so
Appearance [dawayo] of clinic purse made the other day.
[Fu] , [fufufu] -
Purse of strawberry of handicraft club , ..encounter.. roughness itSo and so ↓

The waiting time of food [tto] and today's examinations is ..arrangement of the receipt.. ..becoming empty.. ..
It collects for about three months.
[Wanaitosa] ..use.. .. effective time

Is ‥ it occasionally called someone and ..dependence.. [-] so often though thought because every one is seen?

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