Thursday, February 4, 2010

[Rubeshi] [te] Levy's influence scary

The Chinese medicine outpatient was able to do newly when going to the clinic yesterday.
It is . ..doing in one month.. when immediately reserving it.
However, when calling in the matter of the reservation a little while ago
Will you just leave by the cancellation next Monday?[Rakki]?[Buu;]?!

I will introduce to the teacher and go to another clinic [desa] and another place.
Be early and the reservation there a little while ago even in April when calling.

Isn't terrible , ..doing.. it is what either? telephone after it appears on the box the teacher the other dayIt is fairly ahead ‥ It seems to be the 20th still person though inserted tentatively to the cancellation waiting.
The television ..terrible...

It is [chiku] and a party in the end because the girl in the company gives birth in March food [tto] today.

It doesn't go dogs' strolling before it goes to [sateto] , company.

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