Saturday, January 16, 2010

The operation on [piezou] ended.

It went golfing after a long time yesterday.
However, the neck and the waist were hurt to our regret the day before, and it did additionally lonesomely in the morning because of being slightly unpleasant ‥.

It is , to only have to take a rest ..the desire...
However, it is painful where treatment starts again and it cannot go for a while. 。

So often today
It was an operation that removed the plate of the leg to which male dog [piezou] fractured.
Do you finally end by this the third times this time?[Fuu;] ‥

Do it awake from anesthetizing in the evening and because it had a telephone call from the veterinary hospital, was vigour relieved?・・

Though it meets by the end of tomorrow morning if you do not take care for a while ‥

It terribly understands after it becomes it so.

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