Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome home [piezou]

It met it the animal hospital of male dog [piezou] this morning.
[N]?Face [shitetanaa;] of [samichinbou] ‥

It seems to have endured piddling apparently for a long time in 24 it was in the veterinary hospital in hours ‥ It is to one's heart's content [jojo] [ttoshiteta] in the park to the return.

It arrived at the house, and it was painful or the medicine worked or it was tired out.
[Piezou] , aspect doesn't change and Elizabeth of a camouflage handle suits well. [Fu] -

This time..foot..ahead..bandage..roll..walk..move..put out..surgical a while..take care with.Soupcon?

When the sickness becomes it, someone is serious and surroundings are also serious though I am painful.

To diversion of mind so often today
Knitting the strawberry has been made.
Improve to the handicraft club later and with ..dependence.. [-].

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