Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uncle of clicking tongue

[N]?Yesterday after it was possible to get one's jobs done in Shibuya
Did the surgical knife dog Pieta return straight worrying?・・

When the usual do affray and [te] ..[yoriwa] [-].. is put out when the door is opened, [fuu;] ..the fuss it... rageAt all‥ It is not well energetic and lonesome [teruyoriiikedosa] ..
[N]?After all, is the low-spirited one [fuu;] after it eats meal like sleepy?。

Shibuya [desa] , so often
Because it was rain yesterday, it took the taxi walking though it was an errand to the place of about 30 minutes.

"[Chi]" ..[occhan] of [desa] and the taxi.. is clicked one's tongue every time it is ..something...
Because [chicchichicchi] too much was massaged ..saying..
It was named, "[Chicchi] application game" and played close.
Victory or defeat ‥ Did you draw?

The dog also must wash and [sateto] [ima] day ‥ Large washing festival [dawayo].
[Uo;] [uo] [uo] [].

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