Monday, January 11, 2010

It is energetic because you may play a trick and wants it.

Were you able to laugh on yesterday morning?
Male dog [piezouwo] as usual.
It doesn't dash out even if the door is opened even if it puts it out from [kure-to] ‥.

When you see the inside thinking it is amusing
Is the cloth in the bottom in the bed of the orange broken and are not only neither the face nor the left leg produced?
Complete [u;]?・・

Incidently, it moves rustling always intensely in [kure-to] when sleeping in the evening and excrement excrement remark [tteta] -.

There may not be what by you though it was possible to laugh at the appearance either.
It is very [fuu;] ..becoming...

Moreover, the surgical knife dog Pieta vomits many times and : recently ‥ Do you turn it over somehow vomiting this morning?
When it asks the teacher, it is appearance [mimashoutteko] and [dattakedo] the other day.

It worries really when only the mischief is ..Rina's.. lonesome.

Today after a long time at night though it thought of [chikuttotte] because the errand to Shibuya ‥ Let's return ahead of time.

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