Sunday, February 21, 2010

After all, Japanese Shinto style is good.

Saturday was indebted before.
It went to dog's sweat shirt's wedding.
[Iyaa;]?The wedding becomes feelings that here is happy, and is good. 。

The seat where I sat in the reception

[Iyaa;]?Because all are ..tension.. high and it massaged it ..high the voice, too..
The voice was raised for me so as not to be defeated either and it spoke ‥ [Fuu;]?。

In how that becomes [ggoihonwaka] [ki] only that hears it to laugh, [muu;]?‥

It is good. After all, Onna is charm [kaa;] ‥.
When you say "Was it healed by laughter?" on one's return「Are you often said?Is given to me the telephone at any time, and do because it laughs when it is painful?[Hahahahahaha]」[Tte].
Therefore, for a long time with a smile after it had returned on the day.

My face bit and was serious though arrived at home so often and had gone dogs' strolling. ..[nattefugafu].. said in ・・ and ..male dog [piezou].. state of anger father

Is going out recently a lot and [takarakanee;]?
Because it is elegant simplicity [chinbounan] ‥ though it is a male

[Maa;soremokawaee;]?[Kedosa] , [fu] .

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