Thursday, February 18, 2010

Small bird's wing has been extended.

[Bassabassabassabassa] ‥ Thank you for departure ・・ it is a small bird that has it.

[Iyaa;]?The pool and the aroma massage ‥ The wing was extended. [Fu] , [fufufu] .
‥ It was good, and good.

It meets in Mitsukoshi in Ginza before it goes to the hotel.
Well ..encounter.. [-] why is [ikaraiikedosa] . [waru] [ikoto] it.. when shopping together underground, gone between tub [tsuno], and looking for. making fun ・・ ‥‥

It is still [desa].

It sleeps in the rest room in room in a hotel.
When the button that pours water is not understood, it paves it.
"emergency" Push and the button with [pochi] ‥ At all.

Well. However, it was good because it was pleased.

[Ppuri] [gasu] [-] of dogs was licking driven when returning to one's own dwelling so often.

It strolls immediately in dogs, teeth are brushed, it brushes, and [-ru] ..returned to the usual life...

However, it is ..healing.. [saremasunoo;]. ‥ [Fu]

The experience report of the hotel is ↓ ..writing here...
- The Peninsula Tokyo

The aroma massage is here ↓.
- [Za] peninsula spa by ESPA

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