Sunday, February 14, 2010

The cleaning is endless.

It went to Nautilus room on Saturday.
Another one returned while making it to [fura] by feeling on which the blood pressure fell when [gashigashi] swam in the pool at the end the yoga and after that.
It is three another good times this month.

Making fun ・・ ..becoming sodden.., do it peel off with ..joined skin.. [pero] in injured thumb and pool, and have it finally recovered 1000 piece soaking [tsukuttatoki] the other day so often?。
It has taken [iyaa;] two weeks until recovering.
When the right hand can be used, it is good.

The switch is [puchi] and enters, wipes in the morning, cleans, and is [makuridawayo] this morning.

..encounter.. ?I think that I become those who sort it as for the cleaning.
In things except the unpleasantness and storage
The good one becomes remaining entering as for ..retreat.. [-].
Putting things in order [kuzo] because it is good even by one day place.

[Yaruzo] [-].

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