Friday, February 12, 2010

The radish of organic farming was bought.

It is rain today ‥ Moreover, it is cold.

[-] and such a thing remark [tterarenainoyo] ! saying
It is ..going.. [kunoda] [-] in Nautilus room only today.
..swim.. [guzo] [-]. [Uo;].
When it is ..encounter.. ,, the yoga comes, and it is good.

I go to Nautilus room today, go absolutely, and : spottily ‥.

Along the other day of , ..encounter.. aspect
It went because the counter of the direct sale of organically-grown vegetables or the producer was able to be done only by a day near home, and it was anxious.

After all, it has bought it however however though it was thought that it returned because [desa] and the leaf become ..tufty radish.. [suggoi] [ki], and it cost as much as 400 yen however.

The radish in the evening, and the leaf made to the sprinkle, and grew the [furofuki] radish.

However, it is regret [ga] only by one ‥.
Is it a peeler and is it throwing away [chattayoo;] in the usual unconsciousness to have planed the [ya;sshatte] skin?
[Uu;] ‥ It is organically-grown vegetables, and [pirademotsukurebayokatta] that cannot have the skin ‥ [Kuu;]?

It is ..encounter.. radish according to , and 1000 piece re-soaking [tsukuchatta].
Though it eats and it compared it by [desa] and usual radish, the radish of organic farming, and the life with [choko] ‥ Have not you understood?

Reeling cooked , and ‥ It was possible to do very well.

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