Friday, February 26, 2010

It flew out so much why ‥.

Nut and the cheese, and it is [chiku] and [yattetanoda] in the evening wetly.

‥ It ..".. ..sense of liquid that pushes up the hand with [pusu]" and a small, good sound.. raises it ..crowding...

It is so so.
It is a reason that overflows the power good [kushupo] [tto] sparking wine and came out ‥ [Shobo] [n].

[Fuu;] ..the thorough cleaning of [sokkara] festival it.. soggily ..floor.. drenched clothes, too. put it in the cage [tachigawa] [-].. panicking because it comes near ‥
Why why ‥
As many as one cup is [aa;] ..flying out... 。

It is wetly drinking [dakedosa] . after [maa;so].
Bean jam for the first time ‥ Spottily spottily ‥

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