Sunday, February 28, 2010

Month of Nola cat

There is continuation in the sparking wine story on Saturday.

Wine was stopped not being possible to drink after all and it put it in the refrigerator.
Did you sleep at [de] and night?
What is "[Ban]" as turned around does hear of the sound from the refrigerator and ..doing.. ,? dogsIt has slept without confirming it especially though it thinks.

When [de] and the next day refrigerator are opened and the sparking wine is seen ‥ [O;] how?!It is [naino] ! stopping stopping coming off and having rolled to [tesaa;] and the refrigerator.

This fellow, what on earth wanting even to be said : thinking.
It went to the liquor store where the sparking wine had been bought on Sunday.
It was in [desa] and the future, and asked the clerk because it was strained when opening it.

If it is champagne, it is asking [masutte] in the trader because I am anxious, too.

Then, do?I want to drink champagne every day.
It is teaching [rutte] when ....encounter.. ,.. understanding.

Did it give the champagne stopper that stuck to the clerk and other sparking wines by the extra so often?。
And, recommended clerk's sparking wine was bought and it returned.

! is..Do because it is the birthday moon this month so often?
It is [suu;], and [ufu] in the month of the Nola cat.

As the clinic commutes again in around the middle of even if it says.
Even deflecting of ..reeling.. , is to one's heart's content Nola cat [dawayo].
[Fu] , [fufufu] -

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